Arkham Knights vs. Fred Baker - Total Vibration

Download: Relentless in their ascension as one of the rising trance outfits, Arkham Knights round out a hugely impressive portfolio for 2017 by reviving a classic that helped shape their own sound - moulded in their own vein titled Total Vibration. Made with blessing by legendary name Fred Baker, the brotherly duo took to the challenge of updating the stomping original Total Blackout. A tech-fused firecracker, Total Vibration formed an important part of Markus Schulz's recent Global DJ Broadcast Afterdark presentation, and has gone on to be a popular choice for listeners on the regular shows since. Striking a chord with his menacing nature, Total Vibration is an ideal choice to give that dancefloor some grinding energy. An incredible year for Arkham Knights, rounded out in fine style. -----
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