Dirty Dutch

Deejay Dario – Marihuana | Dirty Dutch Digital 085

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Listen on Soundcloud: bit.ly/DDD085-SC
More tropical traphall flavours here from Dirty Dutch Digital, who plough straight into a heady mix of raw energy, focused power and loose, Caribbean grooves with Deejay Dario’s “Marihuana.” Fresh, upfront and uncompromising in its delivery, the track surges forward with unstoppable momentum and a straight-up confidence.
“Marihuana” Ignites into action with pounding, heartless 4/4s and tropical rhythms tumbling behind. Snapping hi hats and grainy bass help to build up tension, when then reaches the tipping point and spills over into a frenzied synth-driven assault. Relentless, tough and intoxicating, the synths drive the track forward alongside tough and ready vocals. Explosive and right up in your face, this is traphall at its most club-ready edge.
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