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Vincent Casanova – Die And Come Back

Swedish DJ and producer Vincent Casanova brings nearly 20 years of electronic experience with his ‘Endless EP’ to Kindisch, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. Opening the two tracker on a softer note with ‘The Endless Interior’; Vincent drops a mood of subtlety juxtaposed with a driving force of strong kicks and dreamy pads. As Vincent is hard to categorize stylistically, so is this EP, burrowing bits and pieces from here and there creating something new and fresh. He continues with ‘Die And Come Back’, a track that lives in a casual space, opting for a softer afterhour experience. Vincent never oversteps his bounds here, he keeps the energy at a simmer while he stirs the dancefloor slowly. As the track progresses we fall deeper and deeper into his trance, by the end we’re hooked.



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