Get Physical

Luces - Freak Show

Buy: American duo Luces make their debut on Get Physical with a beautiful pair of house tracks. Felix Bloxsom and Caleb Cornett have landed on Need Want and Let’s Play House before thanks to their charming and organic house sounds. They bring plenty of open air and natural vibes to their grooves and across both cuts here they really have you in dream mode. Fantastic opener ‘Adios’ is a track to get you swaying with hands in the air. The lush chords ring out into a spring time sky, with plenty of warmth and feel-good emotions. A dynamic lead synth rises and falls before washing over you like sun breaking through the clouds, and it’s easy to see this one becoming a big hit this summer. On the flip, ‘Freak Show’ slows right down to a crawl. The beautifully lazy, heavy drums suck you in deep while Luces’s excellent synth are allowed to roam, drift and smudge about up top. It’s an expansive track that will be a prime warm up weapon for the outdoor parties that are just around the corner. These are two tasteful tunes that bring real house richness to Get Physical.
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