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Decomposer - Ludovisia ( D'Arcangelo Edit)

Beatport: iTunes: Bandcamp: ‘Decomposer Fontane di Roma' origins from a collaborative project experience based on vintage synthesisers produced only in the Italian region of Marche. Rooted on a warm palette of sounds, dusty drums and built with a strong cinematic vibe, it blooms a nostalgic yet happy scent of summer. It opens with the positive, hypnotic and energetic drive of Najadi to climb the epic slopes of Ludovisia, a persistent psychedelic build up broken by a theatrical drum solo. The open space carnival of Ara Coeli, is the natural set up for a peaking oneiric dance and D’arcangelo remix closes the movie with a classic Reflex sound that paints a darker make-up on the original with the right touch of acid.
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