Get Physical

Enzo Leep & Alffie feat. Emma Barber - Morning Fragments After a big remix together last year, Enzo Leep & Alffie link once more for their first fantastic solo EP on Get Physical, while Yulia Niko remixes. Between this new school pair they have released on an array of contemporary house labels from Kindisch to Oblack, Rhythm Box to Baile Musik. They draw on the futurism of minimal and atmosphere of house to cook up the sort of classy cuts that intimate dance floors feed off. Emma Barber features as a guest on all the tracks and her sensuous vocals on ‘Morning Fragments’ make a breezy, slick deep house cut all the more intimate and human. The busier and brilliant ‘Waiting’ is layered with bubbling, tumbling synths and bass, pools of jazzy chords and cut up wordless vocals. It’s heady back room material to get you in a spin The gorgeous ‘Game Over’ is just as refreshing. It’s restless and kinetic house, with micro hits and chords, deep feelings and an irresistible groove constantly on the move. Russia’s Yulia Niko returns to the label after appearing in 2018 with ‘Acid Meow’ and flips ‘Game Over’ into a driving, acid-laced cut that is designed to get the club marching to its beat. Last of all, a dub of Morning Fragments pairs it back to the slippery minimal house drums and really gets under your skin. This is a tasty EP of contemporary, characterful deep house that really makes a mark.
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