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Zeal - 'Yesterday Lanes' ft. Killups

Zeal Yesterday Lanes EP Out Now - https://RAM.lnk.to/ZealYLFA Program Program newbie Zeal has already made with his recent release ‘Check It’, created in collaboration with Jake Robertz and dropped earlier this summer through underground stalwart Program. The Canadian-based DJ and producer is now treating fellow D’n’B heads to yet another taste of his talent: having listened to ‘Yesterday Lanes’, it’s clear to see how Program made no mistake in bringing him through and adding him as an honorary member to their impressive roster. The opening track of the EP, which features slick vocalist Killups, eases you gently into the selection with its sublime instrumentals. Zeal’s technical prowess becomes immediately clear: combining the characteristically high-energy elements of drum and bass with melody to create something so evocative requires a very skilled hand… Serenity descends into a mixture of crisp, clean beats and atmospheric vocals before subtle, slightly more sinister sounds appear within the tune’s rolling core. These touches are carried through into ‘Release’, which builds on the pace and moves us away from his smoother soundscape, and into the shadier parts of the deeper bass realms. The dreamlike opening is punctuated by soft, electronic notes, which are sustained as haunting, sometimes distorted vocals and sweeping sonics enter the mix. A break in the percussion echoes the tone of the previous track, until it rises again and returns us to a complete and full-bodied soundscape. ‘Opal’, featuring CIGZ, takes things up a notch. From tense, mysterious beginnings, the mood constantly shifts as this third and final track morphs into something light and hopeful. It has that same level of piercing intricacy that seems to be so characteristic of Zeal’s work… ‘Yesterday Lanes’ is certainly not one to be missed, so once again – it’s time to get with the Program. http://www.ramrecords.com https://www.facebook.com/ProgramMusic http://www.twitter.com/ProgramMusicLTD http://www.youtube.com/RamRecordsTV https://soundcloud.com/originzeal
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