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Danny Avila - LaLa (Official Music Video)

Download/stream 'LaLa' here: Danny Avila drops hot new track ‘LaLa’ on Smash the House! Renowned for his feisty production and unique DJ style, Danny Avila is back with his latest new release ‘LaLa’ on Smash the House. As the only Spanish DJ in the DJ Mag Top 100 poll, ranking at #38 in 2018, Avila’s signature sound transports the listener through a variety of genres. From techno to big-room, and from tech-house to trap, he always finds a way to take people on a journey through his music. Opening the track with a stretched bass note before an upbeat clapping is introduced; Danny Avila warps the bass line to build anticipation for his signature drop. Plunging into muted and resonating vocals singing rhythmic ‘LaLa’s’, the anticipation builds up once more as the vocals are pitched. With a heavy thumping signifying the drop, the vocals become more distorted than ever; formulating the memorable melody. Interestingly, the track also features a middle 8 of subdued trumpets and classical Spanish guitar, separating his sound from other big-room producers and solidifying his status within the electronic music scene. Debuting at Ultra Music Festival in Miami back in 2013, Avila was soon recruited as the youngest resident in the history of Hakassan alongside artists like Steve Aoki, Laidback Luke, DeadMau5, Tommy Trash, Tiesto and Calvin Harris. With such incredible potential shown in 2013 and working with globally recognised labels along the way, Avila has developed into a world-class producer that still has even more to showcase. Subscribe for more music: Sign up: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: SoundCloud: YouTube:
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