Marascia – Ode To A Boy (Dark Side Mix) [Suara]

01 Marascia – Ode To A Boy (Original Mix)
02 Hardmonique (Marascia & Frank Deka) – Vortango (Original Mix)
03 Marascia – Air Mouth (Original Mix)
04 Hardmonique (Marascia & Frank Deka) – Hardmonique (Original Mix)
05 Marascia – Ode To A Boy (Dark Side Mix)
The brand new Suara release is signed by a veteran italian artist called ‘Marascia’, who has been releasing quality electronic music since 1992. Her debut EP on Suara has 5 tracks only for connoisseurs: Rude techno with melodies in ‘Ode To A Boy’, obsessive groove and dark synth layers in ‘Air Mouth’, and the dark side mix of ‘Ode To A Boy’. Frank Deka collaborates with her in this EP presenting their new alias together: Hardmonique. Producing trippy melodies in ‘Vortango’ and acid lead and sharp beats in ‘Hardmonique’. If you like TECHNO in capital letters you should play these tracks!
Artwork by GaAs
Mastering by



The Hammarica Network