Hobo - Whiptalk (Original Mix) [Suara]

Beatport: 01 Hobo - Whiptrack (Original Mix) 02 Hobo - Whiptrack (Charles Fenckler Interpretation) 03 Hobo - Think And Talk (Original Mix) 04 Hobo - Shrike (Original Mix) 05 Hobo - Think And Talk (Dub Mix) Since the late 80's, the characteristic sound of Roland TB-303 is the signature of many electronic music tracks. The Canadian artist Hobo features his brand new EP on Suara around this kind of sounds, delivering 3 classic, solid and timeless tracks. “Whiptrack” brings us to the dark Chicago basements in the Trax Records golden days and Charles Fenckler remix it in a powerful way with a lot of 90's rave feelings. “Shrike” is obsessive and dark and “Think and Talk” is about a vocal sample (you can choose a dub mix as well) and an acid and demonic lead, only for connaisseurs. Stay ACID! Artwork by GaAs Mastering by
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