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Voidloss - You Wrapped Your Arms Around Yourself

Support the artist and this release: Tracklist: Black tarmac runs from elbow to wrist 06:44 Could rise but to its knees 07:22 Nature, in her indifference, justifies these actions 08:56 Nothing is more real than nothing 08:17 Purposeful Cruelty 03:46 Ruined with each passing 08:24 Surplus Resources 03:10 Tapeworm 08:53 Till Breach Long Sealed 06:22 You wrapped your arms around yourself 08:32 "This could be our finest release so far. We are more than happy to have mighty Voidloss on Parabola. He actually made a whole album for us and it’s a masterpiece. This London based artist did an excellent job, creating stunning tracks with his special touch on each one of them. Tracks like “Could Rise But To It’s Knees” and “Tapeworm” are absolute killers. Amazing 10 tracks package that will blow you away. We are honored to have this guy releasing for us. " Photo Credit: Marija Radosavljevic Cover: Stefan Unkovic released September 27, 2017 Subscribe to Techno Scene to stay up to date: Facebook: SoundCloud: YouTube:
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